To begin, open up Outlook Express.


Once you’re in Outlook Express, click on ‘Tools’ and then go to ‘Accounts’.
This takes you to the ‘Internet Accounts’ window.


You can click on the ‘Mail’ tab to see what, if any, email accounts are already setup.
To setup a new account, click on ‘Add’, and then go to ‘Mail’.


Next to Display name, type your name however you would like it displayed.
Then click ‘Next’.


Next to E-mail address, type in your full address and click ‘Next’.


At the top you can leave it set to POP3.
Below, for both the Incoming and the Outgoing mail servers, you’ll want to type: mail.cass.net
Once that’s in, click ‘Next’.


Here it asks for the ‘Account name’, which should already be there. It’s the first part of your email address.
Below that, you need to type in your password, and check ‘Remember password’ if you’d like.
The bottom checkbox should remain unchecked. Click ‘Next’.


Almost done, go ahead and click ‘Finish’.


This takes you back to the ‘Internet Accounts’ window with your new account in place.
Go to the right and click ‘Properties’


At the top, click on the ‘Servers’ tab, and at the bottom check ‘My server requires authentication’.
Click ‘OK’, and then ‘Close’, your email is ready to go.