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When using high-speed internet, people don't typically think about the technology that delivers this service to their home or business. Learn the advantages of using a fiber-optic network when compared to the traditional broadband internet option.

How This Network Operates

Used for decades to transmit large volumes of data across long distances, fiber-optic cables use flexible glass strands bundled together and protected by an insulated casing. Traditionally, the final connection from a cross-country fiber-optic system to each home or business in a community had been accomplished through coaxial cables or phone lines. These are less efficient than fiber cables, which means they yield slower data download internet speeds.

It's now becoming more prevalent to complete a full fiber-optic network by replacing the stretch of a phone line or coaxial cable to a home or business with fiber-optic cables. This leads to higher internet speeds, something that customers place in high demand, both here in our service area in southeast Michigan and across the nation.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fiber Optics?

Fiber-optic networks offer many benefits to consumers, communities, and businesses. They include the following:

  • Higher data transfer speeds
  • Easier & less expensive to maintain when compared to copper and coaxial cables
  • Systems are more reliable with decreased downtimes

Because fiber-optic cables have a greater capacity for carrying data, they can easily be rated as high as 1 Gigabit per second, much higher than broadband. For example, if your broadband download speed is 20Mbps, an HD 2-hour movie would take around 30 minutes to download, while a fiber-optic connection would download the movie in under a minute. In the fiber-optic network itself, fewer signal boosters are needed since light delivers data more efficiently than electricity does over longer distances. The resulting signal is cleaner, too, since fiber optics are less susceptible to interference.

All these benefits translate into a faster, better high-speed internet experience. While fiber is still being implemented in residential homes across the country, businesses have been seeing its benefits for some time now. If you'd like to learn more about the individual internet, cable, and voice packages that we can provide your home or business, reach out to D & P Communications by calling 800-311-7340. Want to build a custom fiber-optic network for your business? Fill out our form to get a custom business quote.

How D&P Communications protects your privacy Category: Blog



Internet privacy has been in the news recently, with the passage of a law that allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to sell your browsing data without your explicit permission. With so much attention being focused on this topic, we want there to be no confusion about where D&P Communications stands.

We will never sell your data, for any reason, to anyone.

In case you haven’t been following the discussion, here’s a brief overview of what happened. In October 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved a rule that would have required ISPs to get customers’ explicit consent before selling or sharing their private information, including data on what websites they visit. But after the election, Congress passed and the president signed a law blocking that rule from going into effect.

This means that companies will now set their own standards about customer privacy. For us, the choice is clear — and it always has been. We will not sell your browsing data, period. Your trust is far more important to us than anything we might gain by doing so.

We should note that in very rare situations, ISPs can be required to provide customer data to comply with a search warrant or a legal subpoena. In these situations, D&P will comply with the law, as any ISP would. But in our book, selling your information to marketers is a privacy violation that we will not commit.

We also take steps to make sure your information is secure from hacking. Private account and customer information is stored on a secure server which is behind a firewall; it is not directly connected to the Internet. And we work very hard to have secure network to protect our customers against anyone maliciously trying to gain access to their data.

If you have any questions about how D&P protects your privacy, you can ask us by calling 800-311-7340 or clicking the red “How Can We Help?” button at the bottom of our website.

How D&P Communications can help your business Category: Blog


Whether you operate a restaurant, a repair shop, a consulting business, a doctor’s office, or a salon, you didn’t get into business so you could spend all your time managing your phone system or your computer network. You got into business to do something you love and something you’re good at — and the tools you use should just work.

That’s what D&P Communications is here for. Our business is keeping you connected ... so that you can run your business without having to worry about it.

In other words, we do our job so that you can do yours.

There are five big reasons your business should partner with D&P: Speed, reliability, flexibility, fair pricing, and personal service.


The tools of business are constantly changing, and one of the biggest changes we’ve seen in the past several years is that more and more services are moving to cloud-based applications. From email to accounting to the program you use to track your sales, the things businesses used to do with software installed on their computers are now being done through a web browser with data stored somewhere else.

That means businesses need a lot more bandwidth than they did before. D&P is constantly upgrading our infrastructure to stay ahead of the curve, and as a result we’re able to offer industry-leading internet packages to our business customers. We offer a 110M/25M package (that’s 110 megabits per second download speed and 25 megabits per second upload speed) throughout our coverage area for just $139.95 per month, and an even faster 175M/40M package in Adrian and Tecumseh for $189.95 per month (just a little over $6 per day).


When it comes to keeping you connected, our philosophy is simple: We want to stop problems before they start.

We’ve built a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network that’s designed to make service interruptions as infrequent as possible. While some Internet Service Providers string their cables on telephone poles, 100% of our fiber-optic network is buried underground. We’ve also built our network to be redundant, so that if something does happen to a cable — such as a buried cable being struck by an excavator — your data can be instantly rerouted so that you don’t notice any difference. And all of our regional hubs are equipped with generators and battery backups.

We do all of this to keep our network reliable so that your internet experience is as effortless as possible.


As a locally owned company ourselves, we know that no two businesses are alike. That’s why we offer customized packages to fit your unique needs.

If you run a small brick-and-mortar store with just a handful of employees, your needs will be different than if you run a mostly-online business with employees and contractors scattered around the world. No matter what kind of business you own, our team will come in, meet with you to assess your needs, and develop the best phone and Internet package for you.

Maybe you need a robust phone system with dozens of lines, fax-to-email service, and support for working remotely. Maybe you want some of these services but don’t need all of them, and you’d rather just pay a monthly fee for your service and not have to worry about having a phone server installed on-site. Or maybe a few phone lines and a voicemail system will do just fine.

On the Internet side, one of our off-the-shelf packages might meet your needs, or you might need something more. No matter what your situation is, our Business Solutions Group will help you get the things you need without paying for the things you don’t.

Fair pricing

With D&P, there’s never any guesswork and we don’t do bait-and-switch pricing. The prices for our standard packages are listed on our website, and we’re committed to providing all our services at a fair and consistent cost.

Personal service

We’re not a corporate giant with employees spread all over the world ... we’re a local business just like you. When you call us, you’re talking to somebody local, and top-level management is directly involved with customer service for our business clients. With us, you’re more than just an account number — you’re a neighbor and a partner.

Do you want to learn more about how D&P can help your business? Call our Business Solutions Group at 888-536-2933. We look forward to hearing from you!

How much speed do I need? Category: Blog


For Residential Customers, D&P Communications offers a few different levels of high-speed internet. But at first glance, it can be pretty hard to tell what kind of connection you need. You don’t want to overpay for your service, but you also don’t want to end up with a connection that’s too slow. So how can you tell what speed is best?

Of course, when you sign up for service, our customer service representatives will be happy to provide advice. But you can also get a pretty good idea on your own by reading each of these statements and deciding which fits you the best.

In addition to email and web browsing, I sometimes use Netflix or watch YouTube videos, but there isn’t usually more than one person in my house wanting to do it at the same time. Some people don’t stream a lot of video or music and only have one internet user in the house, in this case, our 10M/2.5M package is probably your best bet. (10M stands for 10 megabits per second and is the download speed, 2.5M stands for 2.5 megabits per second, and is the upload speed)

I like watching videos and listening to music online, and I want to be able to use Netflix while somebody else is watching YouTube or listening to Pandora. If you or your family want to stream video or music to more than one device at a time, for example if someone wants to watch Netflix on the Smart TV while someone else is listening to Spotify on their mobile device, you’re looking for our 25M/5M package.

In addition to watching videos or listening to music, I like to play video games online or use video chat services like Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facetime. Online gaming and video chatting use a lot of both Upload and download speed. If this describes you, you also probably don’t want anything less than a 25M/5M package. For the best experience with these activities, we would recommend our next tier.

I’m a heavy internet user. I want to be able to play online games or use video chat services; I also want to be able to do things like view footage from my home security system remotely. If someone in your family is watching Netflix, while someone else is playing online games on their Xbox One or other gaming console, you will want our 50M/10M package. This will ensure no one misses a beat while the bandwidth demand is high. If you want to view home security cameras in real-time, this Tier or higher is a must-have.

Everyone in my house uses the internet a lot — for movies, music, gaming, video chats, you name it. We have multiple computers connected to the internet, and they’re frequently all in use at the same time. Do you have a 4K TV and want to take advantage of Netflix’s new 4K streaming subscription, all while your kids are playing online games and video chatting, while streaming music from their phones? For households with multiple heavy internet users, or for users who require speedy downloads of large files, such as those purchasing video games digitally (A 20GB game will download in as little as 26 minutes!), try the highest speed package we offer at this time, the 110M/25M package.

These speed tiers are for Residential Customers. Since no two businesses are the same, we offer custom solutions for Business Customers to fit the needs of each individual business. If you have any questions, just ask! If you’re interested in signing up for service, just give us a call at 800-311-7340. You can also go to our website and chat live by clicking on the red “How can we help?” box in the lower right corner of your screen.