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Do any of these situations sound familiar? You want to relax and watch a movie, but the kids would rather watch Spongebob — and there’s only one TV. Or you’re on the road, but there’s a game you really want to catch.

Now there’s a solution: TV Everywhere, a service that’s available to all D & P Communications cable customers at no additional cost. With TV Everywhere, you can watch your favorite cable channels wherever you are — whether it’s on your laptop at the kitchen table, on your tablet while traveling out of town, or even on your smartphone while you’re in the waiting room at the dentist’s office.

Here’s how it works: Just go to WatchTVEverywhere.com and choose D & P Communications from the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Use your D & P email and account number to create a login, then just click on the channel you want to watch.

In addition, you can use the same username and password you create above to access channels directly online or on your phone or tablet using Apple Store or Google Play.

The number of channels and networks available through TV Everywhere is growing all the time. Just in the past month, we’ve added AMC, the Weather Channel, BBC America, the Independent Film Channel, WE TV, American Heroes, the Discovery Channel, Discovery Life, Investigation Discovery, OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network), the Science Channel, TLC, Velocity, Destination America, and Animal Planet to the lineup. These channels are just in addition to the dozens we’ve already added previously.

Here are a few more things you should know about TV Everywhere:

  • It includes live TV. TV Everywhere offers the ability to watch exactly what you’d see on your TV set for most channels.
  • For those networks that don’t have live feeds, it often has new episodes of your favorite TV shows within days — no waiting for the entire season to be released on Netflix or DVD.
  • Finally, it’s free! TV Everywhere is an additional service we make available to D&P subscribers, at no additional cost.

If you’re not a D&P subscriber yet, just give us a call at 800-311-7340. We’d love to tell you more about TV Everywhere, Video on Demand, and the other great services that a 21st-century Cable TV company can offer!

Channels available on TV Everywhere

For Local Basic subscribers:

  • WJKB (Fox 2 Detroit)
  • WDIV Detroit
  • WUPW (Fox Toledo)
  • WXYZ Detroit

WNWO (NBC24 Toledo)

  • WTVG (13abc)
  • QVC
  • C-SPAN

For Digital Prime subscribers:

  • Disney XD
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney Channel
  • Nickelodeon
  • Freeform
  • Lifetime
  • The Weather Channel
  • TNT
  • ESPN
  • The Golf Channel
  • TBS
  • National Geographic
  • CMT
  • MTV
  • VH1
  • Hallmark Channel
  • AMC
  • Turner Classic Movies
  • USA Network
  • TV Land
  • WE
  • Oxygen
  • FX
  • History Channel
  • Discovery Channel
  • TLC
  • Animal Planet
  • Travel Channel
  • HGTV
  • Food Network
  • CNN
  • CNBC
  • Fox News Channel
  • Spike
  • E!
  • A&E
  • Bravo
  • Comedy Central
  • Syfy
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Lifetime Movie Network
  • NBC Sports Network
  • FXX
  • BBC
  • Tru TV
  • OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)
  • IFC
  • Fox Sports 2
  • Kids’ Stuff
  • About 50 music channels

For Digital Premium subscribers:

  • Fox Business Channel
  • Discovery Life
  • Viceland
  • Pivot
  • DIY
  • Esquire
  • The Cooking Channel
  • Destination America
  • AHC
  • Science Channel
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • Disney Jr.
  • Nick Jr.
  • Telemundo

For Digital Prestige subscribers:

  • HBO
  • Starz
  • Starz Encore

How Fast of an Internet Connection do I Need? Category: Blog


D&P Communications offers residential Internet packages to fit every household. But what Internet speed is right for you?

You want to make sure your Internet connection is fast enough for everything you want to do online, but you probably also don’t want to pay for more speed than you really need. To help you decide what package is best for you, we’ve put together this quick guide.

The “M” stands for megabytes per second. The first number is your download speed, and the second is your upload speed.

4M/1M: This package is best for people who really don’t need to do much more than check their email and do some light web surfing. You can also use a streaming music service at this speed, but probably not on more than one device at a time, and it’s not recommended if you watch videos regularly.

10M/2.5M: This package is good for people who use Netflix and other streaming video services, as long as you don’t have multiple family members doing it at the same time.

25M/5M: Try this package if you’re likely to have more than one person watching movies or videos at a time, doing extensive online video gaming, or if you expect to be using video chat services like Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facetime.

50M/10M: This speed level is for heavy Internet users. In addition, because of the higher upload speed, if you have a home security system that streams video for remote monitoring, this package is a good choice.

110M/25M: The highest speed we offer, this is for households with multiple heavy Internet users.

To sign up for Internet service with D&P or to upgrade your service level, give us a call at 734-279-1339 or stop by one of our five convenient office locations!

Hosted PBX - A New Phone System For Businesses Category: Blog




We’ve written previously on this blog about some of the advanced phone systems we offer for our business clients. But although systems like Switchvox are incredibly powerful, we also know that they’re not for everyone.

The newest addition to our business services lineup, intended for midsized businesses up to about 50 employees, is called a Hosted PBX phone system. (PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange — it’s a private telephone network within your company in which a number of external lines for outside calls are shared by all users.) The “hosted” part means that you no longer need to have a special server installed in your office in order to take advantage of the advanced phone services your business needs. With the exception of a router and the phones themselves, all the hardware is hosted at our offices, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider a Hosted PBX system:

  • If you want advanced phone services like call forwarding, fax-to-email service and the ability to work offsite, but don’t want the upfront costs of a dedicated phone server.
  • If you don’t want to give up valuable office space for a server.
  • If your business is in the five- to 50-employee range and doesn’t have a full-time tech person on staff.
  • If you’d rather pay a single monthly fee for your phone service and not have to worry about a lot of extra hardware maintenance.

When you sign up for a Hosted PBX plan, your only hardware cost comes from wiring and phones. You don’t have to program a thing — we take care of that for you.

You pay a bundled rate for each phone line, plus a fee for each station that’s based on what features you want for that phone. You can mix-and-match, too — if only a few users in your company need the most advanced features on their stations, that’s all you have to pay for.

The levels of service we offer for the stations themselves are:

  • Basic ($14.95 per month): All standard calling features, including caller ID, three-way calling, and speed dialing, plus call holding, call transferring, and hold music.
  • Standard ($17.95 per month): All of the above, plus advanced features like selective call forwarding or rejection and “find me/follow me” service, which lets you set your phone to automatically transfer calls to your cell phone if you don’t pick up within a certain number of rings.
  • Advanced ($19.95 per month): All of the features included with basic or standard plans, plus extras like a web app that allows you to seamlessly transfer calls between your workstation and your cell phone without missing a beat.

We’ve found that many businesses have aging phone systems that will need to be replaced soon, but are hesitating because they think it’ll be a hassle and a huge extra expense. Our Hosted PBX system offers an easy way to get the upgrade you need without breaking the bank.

Because the Hosted PBX service rides on top of our Internet and phone services, you need to be a D&P customer to sign up. But with business data plans starting as low as $49.95 per month, if you’re not a D&P customer yet, we hope you’ll get in touch — we can probably save you money there as well!

To speak to one of our experts, please call 1-888-536-2933. You’ll be glad you did!

Eight Ways to Speed Up Your Wifi at Home Category: Blog



Has this happened to you? You pick up your laptop and go to sit on the couch, only to have your Internet connection start to lag — or drop out entirely.

Problems with your home wifi network can be frustrating. Luckily, there are several easy steps you can take to improve your wireless reception.

1. Position your wireless router near the center of your house. Your router’s signal radiates outward from the antenna, so if it’s positioned on one end of the house, it might be sending that signal out to your yard, but missing the other end of your home. Try putting the router as close to the middle of the house as possible to ensure the signal can reach every room.

2. Keep your router unobstructed. You might be tempted to keep electronic devices like your modem and router tucked away in a cabinet or a closet, but this actually obstructs your signal. You’ll get better results if your wireless router is out in the open.

3. Elevate the router if possible. Try setting it on a shelf or countertop instead of on the floor.

4. Make sure you have a password set up. If your wireless network isn’t secure, anyone within range can use your connection and hog your bandwidth. Securing your network is a good idea no matter what, so if you don’t have a password on your router, set one today!

5. Keep your router away from other devices. Many people store their routers in an entertainment center or near their cable boxes, but devices like TVs and speakers can generate interference that harms your router’s signal and slows down your connections. Try to keep your router away from other electronics.

6. Use a different frequency. If your router is broadcasting on the 2.4 GHz frequency, consult your user manual (you can find manuals for some common routers on our website) to find out how to switch it to 5 GHz. This bandwidth tends to have less interference, which allows for a clearer signal. However, some older computers might not be able to connect at 5 GHz, so once you make the switch, test all your devices to make sure they can still receive your wireless signal.

7. Experiment with antenna placement. If your router has an internal antenna, this won’t work for you. But if its antenna is on the outside, try pointing it straight up instead of lying flat — and if it has two exterior antennas, try pointing them in different directions.

8. Update your hardware. As we’ve written about before on this blog, equipment matters. Some older routers may not be able to keep up with modern Internet use. A D&P residential helpdesk operator can help you figure out if your current router is up to the task.

There’s a simple test to find out if your wireless router is limiting your speed. With your computer connected to your home wifi and sitting near the router, go to speedtest.net, hit the “Begin Test” button, and take note of the speed it registers. Then plug your computer directly into your modem and do it again. If your speeds are a lot faster when you’re plugged in directly, it may be time to upgrade.

If you need help with this or any other Internet connection issues, call our residential helpdesk at 888-221-2277 or email servicedesk@d-pcomm.com. You can also chat live with a helpdesk operator by going to our website and clicking on the red box at the bottom of your screen.

Happy surfing!